Comedian  Jimmie  "VEGASS"  Brown  and  Fans

Jim Brown, known as "VEGASS", knew he wanted to be a part of the comedy world at an early age.  As a 3rd grader entertaining his class with funny skits, he had his teacher amazed of the talent and humor.

"VEGASS" worked the local comedy clubs in Florida in 1990 and then decided to become a nationwide truck driver to give himself the opportunity to do comedy across the United States.  While traveling coast to coast "only wearing Las Vegas Gear, representing the fabulous city of entertainment", he influenced many new tourist that they must visit Las Vegas.  While working on other exhausting projects, "VEGASS" finds time to take the comedy show to Las Vegas, Nevada 2009.

He has future plans to write a script for what he hopes to become a sitcom, starring himself.  Being married to a white uptown mom with unruly mixed kids.  In-laws that pretends to love their African American son-n-law only to please their little girl.  Also the freckle face sister-n-law that always keeps trouble brewing between "VEGASS" and the family.  This humorous, creative entertainment will be suitable for the entire family.  So remember "Be The Best - Never Give Up."

Please visit JimBrownEnterprises.Com for inventions by "VEGASS".

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